Securus Technologies Blends Security And Technology Needs Together

One of the most important but rarely discussed aspects of most organizations is security. The need for security in all organizations both large and small is necessary. However, many times security is overlooked in many organization because of budget matters or simply a lack of concern.


Even though security is often overlooked, the need for security is evident on the news daily. Day after day, there are news reports of incidents happening in locations across the country. In many cases, security or better security could have prevented some of the incidents.


For organizations that are looking to implement or improve security, there are many ways to approach the need of security. One of the best ways to approach the need for security is to consider the use of technology as a primary part of security operations. The use of security technology allows security to be handled in ways that cannot be done using just security personnel. In addition to technology, organizations should consider the use of a technology company that provides expertise in security technology.


A company that is well known in the technology industry is Securus Technologies. The company is a leader in providing technology related products and services to markets such as corrections and law enforcement. The company has numerous security related products and services that organizations can use to help implement or enhance security.


Securus Technologies took a moment to send out a press release that listed comments made by many of its customers. The comments concerned the use of the security technology provided by Securus Technologies. The comments offered many great examples of how the technology provided by Securus Technologies was used and how the technology allowed the organizations to stop numerous security problems from occurring through the use of the security technology.


Securus Technologies  is a technology company that has a long tradition of providing quality technology related products and services to various markets across the country.



January 28, 2017

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Ideas on the role of TOR in Aging and Cancer

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an oncologist, author and a professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He possesses vast knowledge in cancer, cellular, and molecular biology, as well as clinical investigations. His specialties include cell cycle, anticancer therapeutics, mitosis, tumor suppressors, and signal transductions among others. His involvement in the age-related diseases on and aging has helped him reveal anti-aging drugs such as rapamycin. Mikhail Blagosklonny holds a Medical Doctorate in internal medicine from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg.

Career Background

Mikhail Blagosklonny has vast experience in the medical field following his work at research and medical education institutions in the United Sates. In 2002, he worked at New York Medical College as an Associate Professor of Medicine. He later joined Ordway Research Institute in Albany New York as a Senior Scientist. He later got an appointment at Roswell Park Cancer Institute as an oncologist professor following his knowledge in the cancer biology and therapy. Additionally, Mikhail is an author of more than 170 research work, book chapters, and reviews.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an editor of several publications of Cell Cycles, PLOS ONE, Cell Death and Differentiation, Autophagy, and Cancer Research as well as Cancer Biology and Therapy. He has also edited journals such as the American Journal of Pathology and International Journal of Cancer.

Rosewell Park Cancer Institute

Rosewell Park Cancer Institute is a New York-based medical facility that deals with cancer research and treatment on The institution, which is a member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, carries out clinical research and develops new drugs for the treatment of different types of cancer in adults and children. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s role in the institution includes formulation of new anti-cancer therapies, as well as various methods of preventing cancer at . He also engages the fellow workmates in the institution in developing new ideas on normal cell protection during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Role of mTOR in Aging and Cancer
According to Mikhail Blagosklonny, molecular damage or any other random damage is not the primary cause of aging and cancer. He cites on Research that the inflammatory activity of the hypothalamus that increases with age could be the cause of aging. The Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) promotes cellular mass growth, and when the developmental stage comes to a halt, the aging process begins. mTOR leads to increased functioning of the cell in the body leading to an increase in the secretion produced by fibroblasts that alter the normal equilibrium of the body. A change in the body’s balance leads to age-related diseases resulting to death.

January 10, 2017

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The Success of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is an individual with many accomplishments as well as many talents and many titles within the world of human rights activism. As a young individual, Thor Halvorssen has had many accomplishments with human rights activism and is completely dedicated to the path in order to make sure that even the poorest individual in the poorest region has access to the simplest amenities as well as to the simplest human right. Thor Halvorssen is making sure and making progress in promoting even the simplest human right such as the right to any religion as well as the right to speak in a democratic society. Thor Halvorssen is a third generation human rights activist who was inspired even at a young age to follow the path of his parents and his grandparents. Even at the age of 40, Thor Halvorssen has been beaten, imprisoned, as well as threatened on numerous occasions all due to his many endeavors as a challenging human rights activist.

Thor Halvorssen, despite his young age, has successfully established a foundation that is known as the Human Rights Foundation which was founded in 2005 with the purpose of creating a central foundation that would attract employees, volunteers, as well as numerous donations. Thor Halvorssen chosen to position the head quarters in New York City due to the fact that it is known as a central location and is known to be the most well known location in the world. With this central location, Thor Halvorssen is not only on a mission to promote human rights, but also on a mission to spread information.

Thor Halvorssen, in recent news, has called out several celebrities that are internationally known. Thor Halvorssen has called out several celebrities due to their involvement in oppressive countries. For example, Nicki Minaj had recently accepted an offer to perform for the leader of Angola and for his family in exchange for $1 million. Angola is known to be a country that constantly violates human rights. Thor Halvorssen wants individuals around the world to recognize ways to get involved in order to give a voice back to the oppressed.

January 6, 2017

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A Look at the Role of Thor Halvorssen in Championing for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is popularly known for being a champion of the oppressed or powerless in society. He has created a reputation for fighting against autocratic leadership while advocating for human rights in places where such rights are abused.

As a champion of the powerless, Halvorssen is one person who has experienced a dictatorial regime first hand. While at the University of Pennsylvania, his father was arrested and tortured for simply doing his job as the Venezuelan ambassador for anti-narcotic affairs as well as a special investigator for the Venezuelan Senate Commission. This issue prompted Thor to organize and lead a campaign that earned the support of the Amnesty International. It was through this campaign that Thor secured the release of his father.

Away from his father, Thor’s mother was shot and wounded by members of the Venezuelan government security organ during a peaceful protest. All these situations may have played a significant role in preparing him to be a strong and unwavering human rights advocate.

Halvorssen’s Involvement in Human Rights Advocacy

When it comes to advocating for human rights, Thor Halvorssen specializes on various matters including slavery, dictatorship threats to democracy and human trafficking. More importantly, Thor is a recognized lecturer on human rights in various institutions like the New York City Junto, Harvard Law School and the American Enterprise Institute.

Halvorssen previously served as the chief executive officer and first executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. As the head of FIRE, he united both libertarian and conservative advocacy organizations like the Feminists for Free Expression, Heritage Foundation and the Eagle Forum. In March 2004, Halvorssen stepped down from his position at FIRE, and later announced the formation of the Human Rights Foundation.

Human Rights Foundation

After the formation of HRF in 2005, it established its headquarters in NYC. The organization boasts of an International Council, which includes some renowned prisoners of conscience like Harry Wu, Elie Wiesel as well as Vladimir Bukovsky. It also includes democracy activists like Garry Kasparov and Mart Laar. As a leader of HRF, he has repeatedly advocated and lobbied for the release of various political prisoners like Liu Xiaobo.

Oslo Freedom Forum

Halvorssen is also acknowledged for founding the Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009, which is an international gathering of human rights advocates. Since its inception, the forum takes place in Oslo on a yearly basis. The international media highly publicizes the event to the point of giving it other names such as the Gathering of Heroes by the Norwegian newspaper.



December 15, 2016

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Using Visitation Videos During The Holidays – Securus Technologies

There are plenty of reasons why the video visitations for inmates are working so well during the holidays. Securus Technologies invented the technology, and now many facilities are using it too. It makes sense to have a way for the prisoners to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones too. Thy can see, and hear their loved ones. During the holiday month, Securus Technologies will put out several commercials that will detail what the video visitations are, and allow the public to see how beneficial they are.


When the inmates have a way to see and hear their loved ones during the holiday, there is less chance of there being any violence in the facility. This also saves money for the visitor and for the facility. The holidays can be a nice and congenial time, even in a correction facility thanks to the video visitations, as seen by the many prisoners that are using the option so that they can take part in the holiday too.


Securus Technologies deals with both the criminal and civil sectors of justice. They are interested in the public’s safety, and they are known all over the world for what they do. The government contracts them on a regular basis to assist in their facilities. They are also in demand from other companies all across the county. They are known for their excellence at what they do, and they deal with over one million prisoners every year. They understand what needs to be done, and they have the technologies to make things so much better for everyone. They will continue to do great things because of their dedication to their purpose, and that is to make the world a safer place for all.


December 8, 2016

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Don Ressler: An Entrepreneurial Genius

When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg started JustFab in March 2010, few could have predicted that in just four years, JustFab would be valued at $1 billion. JustFab Inc. is an e-commerce fashion retailer. JustFab is not the only company that Don Ressler has started and succeeded. He is behind other successful startups such as and Intelligent Beauty. Don currently serves as the co-CEO of JustFab was Don’s first venture. FitnessHeaven operated as a fitness website offering information on nutrition, exercise, and sports. In 2001, Intermix Media acquired FitnessHeaven. Don joined Intermix Media where he met Adam Goldenberg. At Intermix, Don and Adam formed Alena Media, Intermix’s e-commerce and performance advertising division. Alena Media was Intermix’s only profit-generating venture. When Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp acquired Intermix in 2005, Don and Adam found themselves isolated. They quit Intermix and formed Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty was an internet brand builder that operated businesses in beauty, personal care, and fashion. Their reputable brands include DERMSTORE, an online cosmetics marketplace, and SENSA, a weight loss system. In 2010, Intelligent Beauty launched JustFab. JustFab merges social interaction with fashion. It works on a monthly subscription basis. Subscribers complete a survey indicating their personal fashion preferences. Every month, JustFab selects items based on these preferences and avails them to the subscribers.

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JustFab gained momentum right from the start. In 2011, Matrix Ventures injected $33 million into the business. In the same year, Don Ressler introduced Kimora Lee Simmons, a renowned fashion icon, to JustFab. This increased the visibility of the brand. By April 2012, JustFab had more than six million members. In the same year, JustFab expanded operations to Canada and Europe. In 2013, JustFab acquired FabKids and The Fab Shoes brands. FabKids deals with children’s fashion while The Fab Shoes is a shoe retailer. In July 2013, JustFab opened Fabletics, an online athletic wear retailer, and Don Ressler became its CEO. Fabletics is JustFab’s fastest growing label. JustFab rebranded to Techstyle Fashion Group in August 2016.

Don Ressler’s ability to spot trends and turn them to reputable brands is intriguing. What is the secret behind his success? Passion. He says that his passion for fitness is the inspiration behind Fabletics and Don also lists community involvement as a key strategy. At Fabletics, Don aims to embody the community in which each store is located. He wants to see the community’s spirit reflected in the store’s architecture and artwork.

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December 2, 2016

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Why pro sports bettors love NCAA basketball

Of all the sports on which one can bet in American sports books, NCAA basketball is perhaps the favorite among seasoned professionals. The reasons for this are many, but the main one is the sheer number of games available. Division I alone has 347 teams. These teams will typically each play two games per week. That means there are almost 700 games on a normal week!

More games, more mistaken lines

A huge problem that sports bettors face with leagues like the NFL is a dearth of games. If, hypothetically speaking, a bettor knows that one out of ten games, on average, will have an incorrect line that he can exploit then it will obviously be better if there are 300 games per week to choose from rather than just 30. With more games come more opportunities to find erroneous lines. But there are also subtler reasons why more teams mean more opportunity for sharp bettors.

With more games, the audience’s attentions are diverted to many different teams and many different lineups. In a sport like the NFL, where each team only plays one game per week, it’s actually possible to encounter fairly casual fans that have a considerably strong grasp on a large percentage of the total teams. On any given Sunday, this means a professional sports bettor will be competing against a general population of gamblers who, on average, are quite knowledgeable about the teams on which they’re betting. Typically speaking, a recreational bettor merely knowing a lot about both teams in a contest won’t make him a long term winner. Unfortunately, what it will do is tend to make those lines a heck of a lot more accurate. To learn more about the differences between NFL and NCAA handicapping, visit

Contrarily, NCAA basketball has 347 Division I teams. Even though conferences typically play each other, many games are played out of conference. No one, save the coldest professionals, can stay even close to informed about so many teams, especially with two or three games being played by any one team in a week. This means the level of general knowledge about college basketball odds will be much lower than for other sports. This translates to wackier lines – a very good thing for pro bettors.


Founded by sports betting superstar Teddy Covers, is one of the largest sports intelligence sites on the internet. Since 1995, its talented reporters have been providing penetrating insights into the world of sports. For more information, please visit

December 1, 2016

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Marc Sparks was just an average student in his high school in Austin, Texas. The best he managed to get for himself was a high school diploma. He never attended college. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But he had the fiery spirit of an entrepreneur and the thirst to succeed. Couple this with a strong work ethic, an unflinchingly positive attitude and a deep faith in god and you have the perfect recipe for success in life.

And succeed he did indeed! Nearly 35 years down the line, as we look at Marc Sparks and Timber Creek Capital LP, we see a self made man. A big hearted texan who never banked on luck to succeed in business.

It is not easy being a venture capitalist. Identifying a successful business venture and avoiding potential duds is a skill that earned through time and experience. Mr. Sparks’ portfolio speaks volumes about his business acumen and eye for success. From media and telecommunications to real estate and capital ventures, this is the the mark of a businessman always looking to push the envelope and seek newer horizons.

This pioneering spirit has paid handsome dividends over time as well. Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless, Boxstar LLC, GlobalTec Solutions, Reliant Healthcare, Agency Matrix…, the sheer number of successful business ventures that Sparks identified and nurtured from an early stage is truly impressive. Though he is a serial venture capitalist always on the lookout for newer investment opportunities, Sparks still holds significant stakes in some of his more stellar investment successes.

Beyond the mere success in business, what truly marks an exceptional individual is what he or she does with that success. Despite his business clout, wealth and power, Marc Sparks comes across as an excessively humble and devout Christian with a passion for humanitarian and philanthropic causes.

Through Habitat for Humanity, he helps build housing for homeless families. His involvement in the American Can! Academies has helped at risk children to continue their education. To further assist these youngsters, Sparks has established Sparkey’s Kids, his very own non profit organization that donates thousands of laptops to the kids at the American Can! Academy. Sparks can even be seen doing charitable work serving food to the needy at various homeless kitchens in his beloved Texas.

You can read his full story in “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success” his how-to book which he authored and published in 2014.

October 22, 2016

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How To Find A Renowned Business Litigation Lawyer

If circumstances require you to get involved in a legal dispute, you will need to find a lawyer. Finding a good lawyer should not be overwhelming if you take it step by step. There are many lawyers out there, but you need to find one that offers the type of representation you need. Not all lawyer in Brazil have the expertise to handle your type of case.

Many resources are available to help you find the right lawyer for your situation. Start by consulting Internet resources such as Lawyers Directories, which list lawyers by practice area. Take the time to review the lawyers’ background details, including experience before making a decision.

Next, get recommendations from friends and family, and other business people in your area. These people may know someone who has a great reputation and practices business law in Brazil.

It is necessary that your lawyer work together with you throughout the legal process, so make sure you choose someone you can get along with. With a reputable and reliable lawyer on your side, you can have confidence that your legal matter will be handle appropriately.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a highly competent Brazilian company attorney and expert litigator. Ricardo Tosto has a renowned Law office, which is situated in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is well recognized as a superior litigation lawyer by the Brazilian legal community.  Ricardo Tosto has personally defended business owners, entrepreneurs, corporations, institutions, professionals and private individuals for more than 22 years.

But if that is not going to work, he is not reluctant to go to trial and will fight for you to obtain a favorable outcome for your case. He will not be pushed around because of his unique style, both in negotiations and in courtroom. Ricardo Tosto is good at making smart financial and legal decisions and guiding his clients to a successful outcome.

For more details please visit

October 21, 2016

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Malini Saba is a Perfect Role Model for Women

Malini Saba is a successful and influential entrepreneur globally. With the world focusing on empowering women economically, Malini Saba serves as a perfect role model for young and older women. Malini is an investor and philanthropist committed to making the world a better place for females. Born and raised in Southern Asia, Malini Saba’s commitment in business has made her who she is today. Many young entrepreneurs can imitate Malini’s strategy of distributing wealth across countries to reduce risks expected while riding on the success of the local economy. While harnessing her entrepreneurial skills, Malini was dedicated to fighting corruption considering that many people rejected her. In the process of fighting corrupt individuals, Malini Saba lost a lot of money. She, however, won the case and continued investing.


After the lawsuit, Malini merged with her associates and established a new enterprise. Although they encountered many challenges, Malini Saba never gave up. Malini pressed on until she generated sufficient revenue to expand her ventures. Currently, Malini Saba is among the wealthiest entrepreneur linked to rice fields, power synthesizing companies, and real estate.


Malini Saba started investing in the 90’s in ventures like PayPal, Sycamore Networks, Silicon Valley, and Netscreen Technologies. All Malini Saba’s investments have a proven track record of high-level performance. Malini knows that she is successful and talented and therefore puts her capital where there is surety of profit. In one of her speeches, Malini acknowledges commodity markets as her favorite place to investment because of the minimal risks and high returns.


Although Malini is a wealthy, successful entrepreneur committed to her businesses, she always has time for her family. A family is as important as a business to Malini Saba. Unlike most professionals, Malini Saba spends weekends with her children. In short, Malini Saba is passionate and dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs around the world. She is intellectual, smart, and compassionate.


About Malini Saba


Malini Saba is a well-known entrepreneur for her efforts in empowering women around the world. She was born in South Asia and serves as the chairperson of Saban Company, a firm that partners with various technology companies in China, Australia, India, and the US. As a philanthropist, Malini Saba supports humanitarian initiatives like the Bill Clinton Foundation.

October 19, 2016

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