MB2: A Rise to Greatness

MB2’s President—Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD—begun at the extraordinarily low end of the vocational step. Dazed by issues in both Sole and Group Practice, Dr. Villanueva made MB2 Dental Solutions. The business now dominates regions of business in Alaska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee with communicated courses of action to possibly further over the next 10 years. MB2 Dental Solutions has dependably relied upon the vision of joining the productive attributes of sole experts and sharp personalities while pooling the greatest properties of each. Since its commencement stages in 2009, MB2 has developed from vision to reality and now owns more than 75 delegates.


MB2 Dental Solutions likewise fills in as a partner to created dental executives and practice proprietors in different spots. We give related workplaces the relationships to help them run their practices accommodatingly and without surrendering persistent care control needs or models of care from inside. MB2-related dental workplaces recall the centrality of employing 100 percent clinical self-choice techniques and, with the assistance of various outside associates, ultimately running every piece of the dental field.


 The Need


At MB2, we see that patient care and fulfillment are of vital centrality to our related dental practices. That is the reason we have adjusted our business around these core components. Our experts can professionally assume control over all non-clinical zones of dental practice alliance—those attempts that often confound—and different dull surges of dental care. This liberates our dental practice proprietors to keep all their attention on dentistry and patient care as the top two priorities.




MB2 University or MB2U gives specialists and workplaces the information, courses and individual regard to participate in assisting dental workplaces to excel. MB2U was designed to give dental workers the power to drive competent advance and change. It gives dental office gurus the most gifted techniques to keep the workplace running smoothly by making offices of its fundamental needs, leaving certain staff members to concentrate on where they thrive: exceptional treatment of patients.


MB2U wires essential and actuated endeavors for use with a perspective manual for all that they may require. Development Boot Camp or RDA Boot Camp, E-Claim arranging, DHMO, customer advantage advances and client services are also available. MB2U offers position availability notices and respective updates, work-posting data and reference bearing for all positions.


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May 15, 2017

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