George Soros Thoughts on a Trump Presidency

George Soros is a well-known philanthropist, investor, political activist, as well as an author. The 87-year-old Hungarian-American serves as the chair of Soros Fund Management. He has obtained much of his wealth from his strong participation in the financial markets. Today, he is on the list of the 30 richest personalities in the world.

As a political activist, George Soros also uses his massive wealth to advance his interests in causes he deems worth fighting for. Besides funding Hilary Clinton’s campaigns last year, George pledged $10 million to help in the fight against hate crimes. He made this move after witnessing an attack after the other against the minorities and immigrants since Election Day. While making this announcement on Snopes, he said that the money would come from his personal foundation to counteract hate crimes associated with the constant remarks of President Donald Trump during his campaigns.

George Soros is a man who speaks his mind and does not shy away from saying what he feels or thinks about Trump. Terming him as an imposter, a con artist, and a potential dictator, he believes that Trump does not stand for an open society but the opposite kind of government, which he better describes as dictatorship or mafia state on Politico. He was nevertheless quick to assert his unshakable faith in the strength of the US institutions to prevent the president from becoming a dictator.

Asked to predict a Trump’s presidency, George said that it would be impossible to forecast it, seeing that trump himself did not know how to act because he had not thought about it yet. He meant to showcase the impulsive nature of Donald Trump. He described Trump’s cabinet not only as incompetent but also retired generals, adding that the United States will have difficulty protecting and promoting democracy on Biography in other parts of the world. As far as international relations and trade are concerned, George believes that Trump will be of great help to China in its bid to become the leader of the international community – more than the Chinese can achieve on their own.

In one of his recent messages to the world, George says that it is no longer business as usual, and as such, he can only wish the world the best in a troubled world. George Soros foresees a super power that will spend most of its time dealing with internal struggles in the future, and which will result in the suffering of minorities. The president will have a strong attraction to the dictators which will permit some of them to reach an agreement with the US, and others to move on with no interference. He sees in Trump, the kind of a president who obtains satisfaction and pleasure from signing or making deals, instead of guarding principles.

After bringing to light his view of the current and future state of European Union, George calls upon those who believe that the EU needs a savior to come forward and do whatever they can to combat a possible breakdown. Should the EU hit rock bottom, considering the already lagging economic growth, and the refugee crisis being out of control, the Hungarian-born businessman said that the breakdown would resemble that of the 1990s Soviet Union.

February 6, 2017

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