The Growing Success of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani continues to prove himself to be one of the most influential real estate developers in the world. His work as a chairman of the United Arab Emirates has helped elevate his success by giving him a mouthpiece to vocalize his ideals of reshaping Dubai and pushing the Mideast into a successful tourist filled future. This success, however, has come from a long history of pushing for improvements in his own life in order to shape and alter the world around him. Sajwani continues to further his deals through acquiring help from such people in the western world as Donald J. Trump the current United States President.

Earning an Education For Success
Sajwani’s education came from his studies at the University of Washington. Opting to study overseas Sajwani positioned himself to learn the ways of the west and earn a larger degree of success than he would otherwise be able to earn attending a local university in Dubai. Attending school in the United States meant that Sajwani could obtain an education that was fueled by the American ideal of capitalism and world trade. Through utilizing the American education system Sajwani would thus be able to posit himself towards a much more successful future.

Damac the Dream Come True
Damac is an extremely successful business that came from Hussain Sajwani. Through its operations, Damac works to assist bigger companies in their real estate development needs. Damac has since gone on to become worth an estimated 3.4 billion dollars increasing Sajwani’s net worth to an impressive 4 billion dollars. The success that Sajwani has earned with his Damac company has allowed him to establish larger and better real estate deals that he’d otherwise be unable to obtain.

Trump Deals
Sajwani is perhaps most well-known in the United States for his deals with Trump in developing real estate in Dubai. Sajwani has stated that he’d more than be happy to develop further deals with the United States president and sees it as a fantastic opportunity to develop a relationship to the president between the Mideastern world and the United States.

March 3, 2017

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