Why pro sports bettors love NCAA basketball

Of all the sports on which one can bet in American sports books, NCAA basketball is perhaps the favorite among seasoned professionals. The reasons for this are many, but the main one is the sheer number of games available. Division I alone has 347 teams. These teams will typically each play two games per week. That means there are almost 700 games on a normal week!

More games, more mistaken lines

A huge problem that sports bettors face with leagues like the NFL is a dearth of games. If, hypothetically speaking, a bettor knows that one out of ten games, on average, will have an incorrect line that he can exploit then it will obviously be better if there are 300 games per week to choose from rather than just 30. With more games come more opportunities to find erroneous lines. But there are also subtler reasons why more teams mean more opportunity for sharp bettors.

With more games, the audience’s attentions are diverted to many different teams and many different lineups. In a sport like the NFL, where each team only plays one game per week, it’s actually possible to encounter fairly casual fans that have a considerably strong grasp on a large percentage of the total teams. On any given Sunday, this means a professional sports bettor will be competing against a general population of gamblers who, on average, are quite knowledgeable about the teams on which they’re betting. Typically speaking, a recreational bettor merely knowing a lot about both teams in a contest won’t make him a long term winner. Unfortunately, what it will do is tend to make those lines a heck of a lot more accurate. To learn more about the differences between NFL and NCAA handicapping, visit covers.com.

Contrarily, NCAA basketball has 347 Division I teams. Even though conferences typically play each other, many games are played out of conference. No one, save the coldest professionals, can stay even close to informed about so many teams, especially with two or three games being played by any one team in a week. This means the level of general knowledge about college basketball odds will be much lower than for other sports. This translates to wackier lines Рa very good thing for pro bettors.

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December 1, 2016

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