How Norman Pattiz is Leading PodcastOne to Success

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. He announced the addition of a new podcast to the network two months ago. The new podcast is known as “Beyond the Darkness.” It was placed on Chris Jericho’s network. Pattiz recognized how Jericho had established himself as a gem of the company and how his network had grown beyond wrestling. Pattiz added that new podcast episodes would be released on Mondays and would be available on the PodcastOne app, site, and iTunes. Some of the guests on “Beyond the Darkness” will be researchers on the paranormal and people that have experienced it. It will be hosted by recognized figures in paranormal broadcasting, radio host Tim Dennis, and author Dave Schrader. Some of the topics in the discussion will be monsters, ghouls, ghosts, alien encounters, and mysteries.


Chris Jericho said that he was excited at the prospect of the new podcast and expected that the podcast would grow its fan base under the Jericho network. He also joked by saying that he could not tell whether it was a podcast network’s dream or nightmare. Some of the top podcasts in the nation are hosted on PodcastOne including Forbes, Malcolm McDowell, Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, and Barstool Sports. Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One which was once the largest radio broadcaster in the nation. The network was a provider of news, traffic, and sports programming. It distributed various radio stations including CNN News and NBC radio.


Pattiz was chosen by President Clinton and President Bush to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA. The board is in charge of the several non-military radio networks that are operated by the US Government including the Voice of America and Radio Liberty. He is credited for the launch of Alhurra TV. This is a TV channel that is broadcasted in the Middle East and has more than 40 million viewers each week. He served as the CEO of PodcastOne from 2012 till June of last year when he was promoted to become Chairman of the network.


Norman was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009 for his contributions to the radio industry. Other awards that he has received include the Distinguished Education Service Award, Broadcaster of the Year Award, and the Freedom of Speech award. Pattiz has been a regent of the University of California since 2001. He is a member of the board of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and Los Alamos National Security.


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Jason Hope- Expert In Technology

Jason Hope has made a name for himself in many worlds including as a philanthropist, a futurist and an entrepreneur. He has become one of the top experts in the technology world and has become a go-to for information about what is coming next in the tech world. Hope has built an incredible resume over the years and his work is admired by many.

An Arizona native, Jason Hope is a graduate of the prestigious Arizona State University. It was there that he earned his degree in finance and later earned an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope is a earned a reputation as skilled futurist. He has a passion for understanding of technology, and uses that knowledge to watch the tech world. He is always making predictions about where the future of the tech world. He believes firmly in Internet of Things. Many people in the tech world depend on his advice and insight to decide how to proceed in the market.

Jason Hope has become well known for his ability to give. His philanthropy is respected by many. Philanthropy has become a big focus for him. One of his passions has become the research and work done by the SENS foundation. This is group that takes a unique approach to the health world. They focus on taking a preventative approach as opposed to waiting to treat illnesses after the fact. Their primary goal is are focus on finding cures for disease that break down the body and cause humans to age faster than they should. Their ultimate goal is to stop these diseases from ever happening. Hope is a big believer in this approach and has therefore strived for years to support their cause.

Jason Hope understands technology and how the world moves. He has developed a great reputation for being able to predict what the future will be in this world. He not only uses his talents for technology but also is passionate about giving back and helping others. With such a track record, he is sure to be around for many years to come.

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Don Ressler: An Entrepreneurial Genius

When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg started JustFab in March 2010, few could have predicted that in just four years, JustFab would be valued at $1 billion. JustFab Inc. is an e-commerce fashion retailer. JustFab is not the only company that Don Ressler has started and succeeded. He is behind other successful startups such as and Intelligent Beauty. Don currently serves as the co-CEO of JustFab was Don’s first venture. FitnessHeaven operated as a fitness website offering information on nutrition, exercise, and sports. In 2001, Intermix Media acquired FitnessHeaven. Don joined Intermix Media where he met Adam Goldenberg. At Intermix, Don and Adam formed Alena Media, Intermix’s e-commerce and performance advertising division. Alena Media was Intermix’s only profit-generating venture. When Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp acquired Intermix in 2005, Don and Adam found themselves isolated. They quit Intermix and formed Intelligent Beauty.

Intelligent Beauty was an internet brand builder that operated businesses in beauty, personal care, and fashion. Their reputable brands include DERMSTORE, an online cosmetics marketplace, and SENSA, a weight loss system. In 2010, Intelligent Beauty launched JustFab. JustFab merges social interaction with fashion. It works on a monthly subscription basis. Subscribers complete a survey indicating their personal fashion preferences. Every month, JustFab selects items based on these preferences and avails them to the subscribers.

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JustFab gained momentum right from the start. In 2011, Matrix Ventures injected $33 million into the business. In the same year, Don Ressler introduced Kimora Lee Simmons, a renowned fashion icon, to JustFab. This increased the visibility of the brand. By April 2012, JustFab had more than six million members. In the same year, JustFab expanded operations to Canada and Europe. In 2013, JustFab acquired FabKids and The Fab Shoes brands. FabKids deals with children’s fashion while The Fab Shoes is a shoe retailer. In July 2013, JustFab opened Fabletics, an online athletic wear retailer, and Don Ressler became its CEO. Fabletics is JustFab’s fastest growing label. JustFab rebranded to Techstyle Fashion Group in August 2016.

Don Ressler’s ability to spot trends and turn them to reputable brands is intriguing. What is the secret behind his success? Passion. He says that his passion for fitness is the inspiration behind Fabletics and Don also lists community involvement as a key strategy. At Fabletics, Don aims to embody the community in which each store is located. He wants to see the community’s spirit reflected in the store’s architecture and artwork.

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The FABulous Career Of Adam Goldenberg

JustFab Co-founder and Co-Ceo Adam Goldenberg started his first online business in 1994 at the age of thirteen. The ambitious teen used gift money from his Bar Mitzvah to finance a successful online bulletin board service. At 15 years old Goldenberg founded Gamer’s Alliance, Inc., and launched the Gamers Alliance website. The website was so popular that in 1997 Brett Brewer the founder and CEO of MySpace’s parent company Intermix Media, Inc. bought the company.

Brewer was so impressed with Adam Goldenberg that despite his tender age Brewer offered him the position Vice President of Strategic Planning at Intermix Media. Seventeen-year-old Goldberg quit high school and moved cross-country to accept the lucrative position. By the age of twenty Goldenberg had become the youngest COO of a publicly traded in history.

Goldenberg met and collaborated with his future business partner Don Ressler at Intermix Media on YouTube. Like Goldberg, Ressler sold his company to Intermix and then became an employee there. The dynamic pair worked together to develop Alena Media which quickly became Intermix Media’s most profitable company. When media giant NewsCorp acquired Intermix n 2005 Goldenberg and Ressler left the company. Soon after they teamed up to form Intelligent Beauty LLC.

Intelligent Beauty would become the parent company to the duo’s future e-commerce startup companies on

In 2010 Team Goldenberg-Ressler took on the world of women’s fashion with JustFab. JustFab is an online subscription program where for a monthly fee members are shipped a fashion item of their choice each month. JustFab ventured into new online subscription markets in 2013 with the acquisition of FabKids in January 2013. In May 2013 they bought European e-commerce company The Fab Shoes.

The expansion continued when JustFab joined with actress Kate Hudson to launch its activewear line Fabletics. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is a subscription service that caters to today’s women who are looking for quality activewear that is versatile, fashionable and affordable. Kate Hudson designs helped make Fabletics an instant hit. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have big plans for the company. In the near future, Ressler and Goldenberg hope to expand on their online success by opening a Fabletics stores worldwide.

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