The 19th Williamson County Growth Summit Discuses the Region’s Transit Challenges

The 2016 transit discussion called Williamson County Growth Summit not only discussed pertinent issues concerning the transportation challenges of Austin but also looked at the area’s suburban communities. This was a break in tradition because often such discussion panels only focused on the larger Austin urban area. The Summit was held at the renowned Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center.

Among the panelists at the summit included Mike Heiligenstein, the long-term Director of CTRMA (Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority); Joseph Kopser from RideScout LLC; Leandre Johns who is Texas’ External affairs director at Uber Technologies; and Jared Ficklin, a product designer from ArgoDesign. The discussion focused on the role of technology in changing the transportation system across the globe and specifically in the Austin area. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

What the Panelists Proposed

According to Heiligenstein, new technologies (think ridesharing applications and driverless vehicles) could significantly transform the area’s transportation infrastructure. He added that the region needs to grow its transportation capacity by constructing bigger, smarter roads.

He said that such infrastructure investments were necessary because they serve the transportation demands of a fast growing population. Most of the growth occurs in the region’s suburbs like Williamson County.

Heiligenstein stated that despite the efforts to improve Williamson’s infrastructure in the last decade, the population increase in the county would eventually surpass the improvements made. This will put pressure on the transportation capacities. He reiterated that the only way to avoid this outcome would be to build smarter, technologically advanced, and efficient roads.

Jared Ficklin, on the other hand, held the opinion that the areas’ building codes should be flexible and adapt to changing construction needs. He said that the rise of autonomous vehicles would require new and efficient roads and parking garage spaces which are not accommodated in the present building codes.

Johns from Uber Technologies said that Austin commuters would need solutions to cater for their first mile and last mile transit needs. He added that his company has the capacities required to provide these solutions.

Mike Heiligenstein from CTRMA

Mike Heiligenstein has served on the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority since its creation in 2002. As the Executive Director, Mike is tasked with improving and setting up multi-modal transit systems that meet the area’s mobility needs. He has overseen all of CTRMA’s projects to date.

For 23 years, Mike served the residents of Williamson County as a dedicated public official. He has also served as International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association’s President as well as on the advisory board of several working groups and committees such as Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

March 28, 2017

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Tips For Choosing A Great Online Reputation Management Firm

Getting an online reputation management firm is perhaps the first thing you will think of when you find that your online reputation is tarnished. However, it is advisable that you don’t wait for things to go that far. Hiring an ORM firm to maintain your good reputation is advisable. But, is more important that you know how to choose the right ORM firm. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the ideal Online Reputation Management company.

Doing Your Research

When looking for an online reputation management company, you need to do your research well. And, the best place to do this is online. Once you google the phrase online reputation management, you will find that there is a myriad of companies competing to be in the many pages of the search result. Avoid companies that are best rated on Google Ads. Instead, opt for companies that, on their own, perform excellently. Besides, companies that rank highly only this ads, only prove that they have more money to advertise than use on improving their clients’ online reputation.

Their Processes

Be very keen not to be lured by companies who are not transparent enough as to take you through their processes. Some companies will sell you a software and log ins. But, once you have downloaded that software, that it. From there, you have to Brand yourself, even if you have no clue how to go about it. Also, it is important that they let you in on their strategy. Again, avoid companies who claim that they can cheat Google. This will only make things worse for you.


When you are working with an Online Reputation Management company, experience is a must. A company that is new in the market, might have great strategies in theory. But, unless they have experimented them in real life and found out what works and what doesn’t, then it is not worth it.


March 28, 2017

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Tidal Continues To Post Impressive Gains Under Desiree Perez


Tidal is no longer the underdog music streaming franchise it once used to be. Gone are the days when music streaming giants, led by Apple, used to shrug it off as just another non-entity. Today, thanks to the tireless efforts of creative minds like Desiree Perez, Tidal is headed for success. Desiree was brought on board the company by the owner of the company; the billionaire music guru, Jay-Z.


Jay Z’s Solo Efforts

Tidal was facing a steep challenge with top executives quitting right, left, and center. One of the first agendas on the to-do list of Desiree Perez was creating a hype and a buzz around the relatively new concept of streaming music. Additionally, she was given the responsibility of managing a portfolio worth many millions by Jay-Z. These funds have been utilized to acquire similar companies and development partners to the tidal franchise.  Check


Billion Dollar Business

Desiree’s success stems from the vast experience she has as a businesswoman. She’s spent most of her adult life negotiating the same kinds of deals she’s undertaking for Jay Z’s company. That makes her the ideal candidate to handle such a delicate endeavor. The truth of the matter is that there are billions of dollars at stake in this line of business.

The astute determination of the music mogul is the only thing which has kept this initiative alive. Without him, Tidal would most likely have ended up being another failed idea. The fact that he has money only served to ease the process, exponentially.  Go to this related site.


Desiree’s Strategy

The strategy deployed by Desiree and the rest of the team over at Tidal is simplistic but profound, to say the very least. It just focuses on the new releases and with the upcoming music. That is in stark contrast to the other competing music streaming services providers which pay lots of attention to the already existing music. That strategy, they hope, will enable them to have a smaller but more concise database. That will effectively make the searching process for a new song easier for interested consumers.

Click this




March 25, 2017

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The Outstanding Recruitment Career of Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is a staffing expert who has excellent experience in sourcing and managing professionals who are highly talented. She is currently an employee of the Deutsche Bank and is based in New York. Zuckerberg joined the company is 2014 and has been working as its executive talent acquisition lead. The office that she serves at the firm has enabled her to join efforts with renowned business leaders to improve hiring strategies. Deutsche Bank trusts her to recruits top company employees who are at the level of the managing director and also heads negotiations in the recruitment process. She serves as a trainer of the team of recruitment professionals that she heads as well as executive and leadership committees. Julie worked for the bank’s talent acquisition as the executive recruiter. She was the head of business relations at the company and also oversaw contract governance at the organization.


Zuckerberg started serving in the talent acquisition and management sector about 15 years ago. She was an employee of the New York Life Insurance Company before the Deutsche Bank offered her a job. The staffing professional was the firm’s corporate vice president and also the experienced recruiting lead. Her responsibilities included overseeing the hiring process and also teamed up with the administration to determine the requirements of the customers.


Julie Zuckerberg was also an employee of Citi. She served the organization as its vice president and also the executive recruiter. Zuckerberg was in the two offices for approximately six years. She had many responsibilities at the company, and they included heading negotiations when hiring top business executives, guiding the firm on recruitment strategies, and looking for the best professionals across the world.


The staffing expert had served Hudson before she was hired by Citi. She was the company’s candidate placement director and held the office for about five years. Julie assisted the enterprise in hiring various employees, and they include paralegals, attorneys, managers, and subordinate staff. She also assisted in recruiting temporary staff for different financial institutions, legal companies, and corporations. Zuckerberg used her law expertise to help in solving problems between employees and the company. The accomplishments that she has made in her career have been due to her good education record and outstanding work ethics.


Julie Zuckerberg acquired her philosophy degree from the Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. She then enrolled at the New York Law School and graduated with a Juris Doctor. Her career has enabled her to gain various skills while working with different mentors in the industry. She has excellent knowledge of human resources, acquisition and management, training employees, conflict resolution and team leadership. Zuckerberg has also developed an interest in learning how various technologies can be applied to enhance the functioning of the industry. Apart from her profession, Julie has been participating in campaigns for economic empowerment of impoverished people, human rights, and animal welfare.


March 23, 2017

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How Norman Pattiz is Leading PodcastOne to Success

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. He announced the addition of a new podcast to the network two months ago. The new podcast is known as “Beyond the Darkness.” It was placed on Chris Jericho’s network. Pattiz recognized how Jericho had established himself as a gem of the company and how his network had grown beyond wrestling. Pattiz added that new podcast episodes would be released on Mondays and would be available on the PodcastOne app, site, and iTunes. Some of the guests on “Beyond the Darkness” will be researchers on the paranormal and people that have experienced it. It will be hosted by recognized figures in paranormal broadcasting, radio host Tim Dennis, and author Dave Schrader. Some of the topics in the discussion will be monsters, ghouls, ghosts, alien encounters, and mysteries.


Chris Jericho said that he was excited at the prospect of the new podcast and expected that the podcast would grow its fan base under the Jericho network. He also joked by saying that he could not tell whether it was a podcast network’s dream or nightmare. Some of the top podcasts in the nation are hosted on PodcastOne including Forbes, Malcolm McDowell, Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, and Barstool Sports. Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One which was once the largest radio broadcaster in the nation. The network was a provider of news, traffic, and sports programming. It distributed various radio stations including CNN News and NBC radio.


Pattiz was chosen by President Clinton and President Bush to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA. The board is in charge of the several non-military radio networks that are operated by the US Government including the Voice of America and Radio Liberty. He is credited for the launch of Alhurra TV. This is a TV channel that is broadcasted in the Middle East and has more than 40 million viewers each week. He served as the CEO of PodcastOne from 2012 till June of last year when he was promoted to become Chairman of the network.


Norman was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009 for his contributions to the radio industry. Other awards that he has received include the Distinguished Education Service Award, Broadcaster of the Year Award, and the Freedom of Speech award. Pattiz has been a regent of the University of California since 2001. He is a member of the board of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and Los Alamos National Security.


March 3, 2017

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The Growing Success of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani continues to prove himself to be one of the most influential real estate developers in the world. His work as a chairman of the United Arab Emirates has helped elevate his success by giving him a mouthpiece to vocalize his ideals of reshaping Dubai and pushing the Mideast into a successful tourist filled future. This success, however, has come from a long history of pushing for improvements in his own life in order to shape and alter the world around him. Sajwani continues to further his deals through acquiring help from such people in the western world as Donald J. Trump the current United States President.

Earning an Education For Success
Sajwani’s education came from his studies at the University of Washington. Opting to study overseas Sajwani positioned himself to learn the ways of the west and earn a larger degree of success than he would otherwise be able to earn attending a local university in Dubai. Attending school in the United States meant that Sajwani could obtain an education that was fueled by the American ideal of capitalism and world trade. Through utilizing the American education system Sajwani would thus be able to posit himself towards a much more successful future.

Damac the Dream Come True
Damac is an extremely successful business that came from Hussain Sajwani. Through its operations, Damac works to assist bigger companies in their real estate development needs. Damac has since gone on to become worth an estimated 3.4 billion dollars increasing Sajwani’s net worth to an impressive 4 billion dollars. The success that Sajwani has earned with his Damac company has allowed him to establish larger and better real estate deals that he’d otherwise be unable to obtain.

Trump Deals
Sajwani is perhaps most well-known in the United States for his deals with Trump in developing real estate in Dubai. Sajwani has stated that he’d more than be happy to develop further deals with the United States president and sees it as a fantastic opportunity to develop a relationship to the president between the Mideastern world and the United States.

March 3, 2017

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Jason Hope- Expert In Technology

Jason Hope has made a name for himself in many worlds including as a philanthropist, a futurist and an entrepreneur. He has become one of the top experts in the technology world and has become a go-to for information about what is coming next in the tech world. Hope has built an incredible resume over the years and his work is admired by many.

An Arizona native, Jason Hope is a graduate of the prestigious Arizona State University. It was there that he earned his degree in finance and later earned an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope is a earned a reputation as skilled futurist. He has a passion for understanding of technology, and uses that knowledge to watch the tech world. He is always making predictions about where the future of the tech world. He believes firmly in Internet of Things. Many people in the tech world depend on his advice and insight to decide how to proceed in the market.

Jason Hope has become well known for his ability to give. His philanthropy is respected by many. Philanthropy has become a big focus for him. One of his passions has become the research and work done by the SENS foundation. This is group that takes a unique approach to the health world. They focus on taking a preventative approach as opposed to waiting to treat illnesses after the fact. Their primary goal is are focus on finding cures for disease that break down the body and cause humans to age faster than they should. Their ultimate goal is to stop these diseases from ever happening. Hope is a big believer in this approach and has therefore strived for years to support their cause.

Jason Hope understands technology and how the world moves. He has developed a great reputation for being able to predict what the future will be in this world. He not only uses his talents for technology but also is passionate about giving back and helping others. With such a track record, he is sure to be around for many years to come.

Check details about Jason Hope on

February 22, 2017

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Loving Lip Balm

Whether you want a little shine on the lips or you see small cracks on the delicate skin, lip balm is a product that you want to use. It comes in a variety of flavors, and you’ll find that it doesn’t appear in clumps on the lips like lipstick does. Lip balm comes in various containers, such as small tubes or round circles of the product. Most lip balms have sunscreen in them, protecting the lips from the harsh rays of the sun that can leave them blistered and bleeding.

Lip balm adds just the right amount of shine to the lips so that it looks like you have something on without it being overwhelming. It’s a product that men, women and children can use at any time of the year. It helps to keep the lips moisturized from the dry air in the fall and winter, which can help in preventing infections that might occur if the lips become cracked.

Evolution of Smooth is a company that offers lip balm in numerous flavors, such as mint and blueberry, in small containers. The EOS lip balm containers have a ball of balm inside them, making it easy to apply to the lips. Each container matches the color of the flavor.

All of the EOS lip balm products are tested by a dermatologist. They have a high amount of antioxidants to help keep the lips healthy. Shea butter and various oils give a shine to the lips while keeping them smooth. TO learn more bout EOS, visit

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February 20, 2017

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George Soros Thoughts on a Trump Presidency

George Soros is a well-known philanthropist, investor, political activist, as well as an author. The 87-year-old Hungarian-American serves as the chair of Soros Fund Management. He has obtained much of his wealth from his strong participation in the financial markets. Today, he is on the list of the 30 richest personalities in the world.

As a political activist, George Soros also uses his massive wealth to advance his interests in causes he deems worth fighting for. Besides funding Hilary Clinton’s campaigns last year, George pledged $10 million to help in the fight against hate crimes. He made this move after witnessing an attack after the other against the minorities and immigrants since Election Day. While making this announcement on Snopes, he said that the money would come from his personal foundation to counteract hate crimes associated with the constant remarks of President Donald Trump during his campaigns.

George Soros is a man who speaks his mind and does not shy away from saying what he feels or thinks about Trump. Terming him as an imposter, a con artist, and a potential dictator, he believes that Trump does not stand for an open society but the opposite kind of government, which he better describes as dictatorship or mafia state on Politico. He was nevertheless quick to assert his unshakable faith in the strength of the US institutions to prevent the president from becoming a dictator.

Asked to predict a Trump’s presidency, George said that it would be impossible to forecast it, seeing that trump himself did not know how to act because he had not thought about it yet. He meant to showcase the impulsive nature of Donald Trump. He described Trump’s cabinet not only as incompetent but also retired generals, adding that the United States will have difficulty protecting and promoting democracy on Biography in other parts of the world. As far as international relations and trade are concerned, George believes that Trump will be of great help to China in its bid to become the leader of the international community – more than the Chinese can achieve on their own.

In one of his recent messages to the world, George says that it is no longer business as usual, and as such, he can only wish the world the best in a troubled world. George Soros foresees a super power that will spend most of its time dealing with internal struggles in the future, and which will result in the suffering of minorities. The president will have a strong attraction to the dictators which will permit some of them to reach an agreement with the US, and others to move on with no interference. He sees in Trump, the kind of a president who obtains satisfaction and pleasure from signing or making deals, instead of guarding principles.

After bringing to light his view of the current and future state of European Union, George calls upon those who believe that the EU needs a savior to come forward and do whatever they can to combat a possible breakdown. Should the EU hit rock bottom, considering the already lagging economic growth, and the refugee crisis being out of control, the Hungarian-born businessman said that the breakdown would resemble that of the 1990s Soviet Union.

February 6, 2017

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All You Need to Know About Sujit Choudhry


Sujit Choudhry, is a law professor at I. Michael Heyman .Prior to the appointment Professor of Law at Berkley Law. He previously worked for Cecelia Goetz as a teacher of the law and also Scholl law at the University of Toronto. His impact in the industry made him get awarded Trudeau Fellowship award. He is globally known having advised constitution reviews in many countries in Africa and beyond. Among the countries, he has worked with is Egypt, South Africa, Nepal, Jordan, Libya Tunisia, Ukraine and many others. His many areas of interest are comparative constitutional law and development. He shares his knowledge through the publications in articles, books, and reports. He is also a member of the Executive Committee International Society of Public Law and editorial board the South African law. He also offers advises at Cambridge studies in constitutional law, click here.


He is an educationist where he has been awarded different academic qualifications from various universities. He has had his higher education in the McGil University since 1992 where he got awarded the Penhallow prize and Rowkinson Travelling prize and the Scarlet award for his leadership skills. Later he joined the University College of Oxford before moving to study at the University of Toronto where he too was recognized with many awards. Lastly, he furthered his education at Harvard University where he concentrated on center for Ethics and the Professions. The education background has helped Sujit establish himself well in the industry.


According to, his professional career has been a success. Choudhry is the founder and director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions. The center aim is to provide the advisory help regarding the constitution making. He has further worked at the international level as mentioned earlier in the Institute for the democracy and electoral assistance globally. He was also part of the policy implementers in Vietnam. He also worked in the United Nations as a guest in the department of political matters among many others.


His contribution to the industry has been great. It has led to the stabilization and update constitution in various countries. Surely, he is the man to watch in the future with so many accomplished tasks.


Go to this Site for Details.

February 3, 2017

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