Marc Sparks was just an average student in his high school in Austin, Texas. The best he managed to get for himself was a high school diploma. He never attended college. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But he had the fiery spirit of an entrepreneur and the thirst to succeed. Couple this with a strong work ethic, an unflinchingly positive attitude and a deep faith in god and you have the perfect recipe for success in life.

And succeed he did indeed! Nearly 35 years down the line, as we look at Marc Sparks and Timber Creek Capital LP, we see a self made man. A big hearted texan who never banked on luck to succeed in business.

It is not easy being a venture capitalist. Identifying a successful business venture and avoiding potential duds is a skill that earned through time and experience. Mr. Sparks’ portfolio speaks volumes about his business acumen and eye for success. From media and telecommunications to real estate and capital ventures, this is the the mark of a businessman always looking to push the envelope and seek newer horizons.

This pioneering spirit has paid handsome dividends over time as well. Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless, Boxstar LLC, GlobalTec Solutions, Reliant Healthcare, Agency Matrix…, the sheer number of successful business ventures that Sparks identified and nurtured from an early stage is truly impressive. Though he is a serial venture capitalist always on the lookout for newer investment opportunities, Sparks still holds significant stakes in some of his more stellar investment successes.

Beyond the mere success in business, what truly marks an exceptional individual is what he or she does with that success. Despite his business clout, wealth and power, Marc Sparks comes across as an excessively humble and devout Christian with a passion for humanitarian and philanthropic causes.

Through Habitat for Humanity, he helps build housing for homeless families. His involvement in the American Can! Academies has helped at risk children to continue their education. To further assist these youngsters, Sparks has established Sparkey’s Kids, his very own non profit organization that donates thousands of laptops to the kids at the American Can! Academy. Sparks can even be seen doing charitable work serving food to the needy at various homeless kitchens in his beloved Texas.

You can read his full story in “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success” his how-to book which he authored and published in 2014.

October 22, 2016

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How To Find A Renowned Business Litigation Lawyer

If circumstances require you to get involved in a legal dispute, you will need to find a lawyer. Finding a good lawyer should not be overwhelming if you take it step by step. There are many lawyers out there, but you need to find one that offers the type of representation you need. Not all lawyer in Brazil have the expertise to handle your type of case.

Many resources are available to help you find the right lawyer for your situation. Start by consulting Internet resources such as Lawyers Directories, which list lawyers by practice area. Take the time to review the lawyers’ background details, including experience before making a decision.

Next, get recommendations from friends and family, and other business people in your area. These people may know someone who has a great reputation and practices business law in Brazil.

It is necessary that your lawyer work together with you throughout the legal process, so make sure you choose someone you can get along with. With a reputable and reliable lawyer on your side, you can have confidence that your legal matter will be handle appropriately.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a highly competent Brazilian company attorney and expert litigator. Ricardo Tosto has a renowned Law office, which is situated in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is well recognized as a superior litigation lawyer by the Brazilian legal community.  Ricardo Tosto has personally defended business owners, entrepreneurs, corporations, institutions, professionals and private individuals for more than 22 years.

But if that is not going to work, he is not reluctant to go to trial and will fight for you to obtain a favorable outcome for your case. He will not be pushed around because of his unique style, both in negotiations and in courtroom. Ricardo Tosto is good at making smart financial and legal decisions and guiding his clients to a successful outcome.

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October 21, 2016

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Malini Saba is a Perfect Role Model for Women

Malini Saba is a successful and influential entrepreneur globally. With the world focusing on empowering women economically, Malini Saba serves as a perfect role model for young and older women. Malini is an investor and philanthropist committed to making the world a better place for females. Born and raised in Southern Asia, Malini Saba’s commitment in business has made her who she is today. Many young entrepreneurs can imitate Malini’s strategy of distributing wealth across countries to reduce risks expected while riding on the success of the local economy. While harnessing her entrepreneurial skills, Malini was dedicated to fighting corruption considering that many people rejected her. In the process of fighting corrupt individuals, Malini Saba lost a lot of money. She, however, won the case and continued investing.


After the lawsuit, Malini merged with her associates and established a new enterprise. Although they encountered many challenges, Malini Saba never gave up. Malini pressed on until she generated sufficient revenue to expand her ventures. Currently, Malini Saba is among the wealthiest entrepreneur linked to rice fields, power synthesizing companies, and real estate.


Malini Saba started investing in the 90’s in ventures like PayPal, Sycamore Networks, Silicon Valley, and Netscreen Technologies. All Malini Saba’s investments have a proven track record of high-level performance. Malini knows that she is successful and talented and therefore puts her capital where there is surety of profit. In one of her speeches, Malini acknowledges commodity markets as her favorite place to investment because of the minimal risks and high returns.


Although Malini is a wealthy, successful entrepreneur committed to her businesses, she always has time for her family. A family is as important as a business to Malini Saba. Unlike most professionals, Malini Saba spends weekends with her children. In short, Malini Saba is passionate and dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs around the world. She is intellectual, smart, and compassionate.


About Malini Saba


Malini Saba is a well-known entrepreneur for her efforts in empowering women around the world. She was born in South Asia and serves as the chairperson of Saban Company, a firm that partners with various technology companies in China, Australia, India, and the US. As a philanthropist, Malini Saba supports humanitarian initiatives like the Bill Clinton Foundation.

October 19, 2016

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The Mystery of Kabbalah

The Kabbalah is the traditional Jewish mysticism subject that focuses on ethical and spiritual outlooks with firm religious roots. This subject is highly controversial, and several questions have been left unanswered over the years. The mission of Kabbalah is quite unusual, and several celebrities like Madonna have publicly espoused Kabbalistic doctrines. Judy Myers in the book “Kabbalah and the Spiritual Quest” has thoroughly undertaken a serious study of this phenomenon. Her analysis of the movement spans from its roots, teachings, values of spiritual healing, and its popularization in the US. She also takes us through the profiles of some adherents. Her major focus is on the sociological and psychological approach stressing on the movements functional character.

Traditionally, Rabbis highly believed that the subject of Kabbalah and its mysteries were so complex and very easily misunderstood. They, therefore, preferred teaching it to devout students over the age of 40(mostly males). Many traditionalists, therefore, associate Kabbalah to the ancient, secretive Judaism’s mystic tradition.

The Kabbalah Centre International

The Kabbalah Center International provides courses on the Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar through its regional centers, worldwide study groups and also online. It is a nonprofit entity based in Los Angeles, California with a multi-ethnic staff of international teachers to provide Kabbalistic studies and guidance to its student community worldwide. The presentation was developed by the Kabbalah Center director Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg.

The mystical tradition is quickly spreading through all the cities of the world including Boca Raton, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego, London, Toronto and Las Vegas. The Kabbalah beliefs and practices are quickly becoming fashionable, and the adherents are determined to stay on.

Final Verdict

According to Kabbalah, all religious and spiritual affiliations across the world are specific branches of the universal wisdom. It is a resemblance to religions like Judaism, Islam Christianity and Buddhism in addition to new age teachings.  There have however been numerous criticism and controversies on the financial misappropriation with some media critics alleging that the charismatic Kabbalah leaders use the promise of wealth, good health and happiness to attract the vulnerable and the rich.

October 12, 2016

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The FABulous Career Of Adam Goldenberg

JustFab Co-founder and Co-Ceo Adam Goldenberg started his first online business in 1994 at the age of thirteen. The ambitious teen used gift money from his Bar Mitzvah to finance a successful online bulletin board service. At 15 years old Goldenberg founded Gamer’s Alliance, Inc., and launched the Gamers Alliance website. The website was so popular that in 1997 Brett Brewer the founder and CEO of MySpace’s parent company Intermix Media, Inc. bought the company.

Brewer was so impressed with Adam Goldenberg that despite his tender age Brewer offered him the position Vice President of Strategic Planning at Intermix Media. Seventeen-year-old Goldberg quit high school and moved cross-country to accept the lucrative position. By the age of twenty Goldenberg had become the youngest COO of a publicly traded in history.

Goldenberg met and collaborated with his future business partner Don Ressler at Intermix Media on YouTube. Like Goldberg, Ressler sold his company to Intermix and then became an employee there. The dynamic pair worked together to develop Alena Media which quickly became Intermix Media’s most profitable company. When media giant NewsCorp acquired Intermix n 2005 Goldenberg and Ressler left the company. Soon after they teamed up to form Intelligent Beauty LLC.

Intelligent Beauty would become the parent company to the duo’s future e-commerce startup companies on

In 2010 Team Goldenberg-Ressler took on the world of women’s fashion with JustFab. JustFab is an online subscription program where for a monthly fee members are shipped a fashion item of their choice each month. JustFab ventured into new online subscription markets in 2013 with the acquisition of FabKids in January 2013. In May 2013 they bought European e-commerce company The Fab Shoes.

The expansion continued when JustFab joined with actress Kate Hudson to launch its activewear line Fabletics. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is a subscription service that caters to today’s women who are looking for quality activewear that is versatile, fashionable and affordable. Kate Hudson designs helped make Fabletics an instant hit. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have big plans for the company. In the near future, Ressler and Goldenberg hope to expand on their online success by opening a Fabletics stores worldwide.

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